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Paulsen Crop Solutions partners with farmers to raise better crops by recommending the highest quality corn, soybean, and wheat seed from AgriGold and Walter Seed. We also can work with you on a better nitrogen plan with Pivot Bio, a biological nitrogen source.



Genetic research and hybrid development are at the core of AgriGold’s success. As a division of AgReliant Genetics, AgriGold has access to unique genetics and a global research and testing network.

AgReliant Genetics is one of four major companies that has a breeding program that is developing new, high performing, unique hybrids. With the genetic diversity of 5 different Field GX families, AgriGold has a lot to offer growers in Northern Illinois

Pivot Bio

Pivot Bio is a company that is on the leading edge providing farmers with a better nitrogen. Their patented microbes convert atmospheric nitrogen to ammonia and deliver a daily dose of nitrogen directly to the corn root all season long. Every farmer needs to consider Pivot Bio as part of a better nitrogen plan. Currently applied in furrow at planting, new methods of application will be coming in 2023 as a seed treatment. 

Walter Seed

WALTER Seed Inc.

Walter seed is a locally owned seed company with hand selected soybean and wheat varieties that produce a high-yield quality crop.

UAV Services

As a customer of Paulsen Crop Solutions you can have us come out to look at your fields to help evaluate our products in the middle of the growing season with our drone.

corn plot drone