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A dealer for AgriGold offering corn and soybeans since 2011. AgriGold is a part of AgReliant Genetics which is one of four companies that has a breeding program that is developing new, high performing, unique hybrids. With the genetic diversity of 5 different Field GX families, AgriGold has a lot to offer growers in Northern Illinois.


AgriGold Story

AgriGold has produced elite seed corn backed by proven results and trusted advice for more than 85 years. Our focus has been to help corn growers maximize crop results. We have expanded that commitment to include select soybean varieties into our exclusive genetic portfolio. AgriGold’s access to AgReliant Genetics’ global research creates powerful genetics and an extensive testing program helps provide high yielding results. AgriGold seed combined with the agronomic knowledge of our seed representatives ensures growers always have a trusted partner in their field.


Genetic research and hybrid development are at the core of AgriGold’s success. As a division of AgReliant Genetics, AgriGold has access to unique genetics and a global research and testing network.

If you want to talk seed, you have to know seed. We’re not just talking traits and treatments, or yield environments… we’re talking root systems, soil + weather preferences, disease tolerances and more. Agriculture is evolving quickly, so too are the ways that our AgReliant breeding program develops genetics for plant health, harvestability, grain quality and ultimately high performance.

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We take extreme pride in growing excellent quality seed while keeping it at a good value. We meticulously manage all aspects of production from the second our seed goes into the ground until it gets to your farm.

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Hand selected soybean and wheat that produce a high-yield quality crop.

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